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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Story of Lonely Journey


Civilian Education Center,

Cairo, Egypt.

It has been 3 days in Cairo. I do nothing in this room but sleeping, watching tv in Arabic, laughing when they are laughing, sad when they are sad even i do not understand a single word!! (menyong duduk sorang-sorang dalam bilik hotel ni) Listening Be With You by Akon, my husband’s favorite song and that makes me want to cry. Actually I’ve cried in the flight when transit to Bahrain before Cairo, crying until I forgot to buy some sevenier (this is my identity to spell souvenir) when I was there espesely fridge magnets! Wuwu how can I forgot something that is my interest!! Alaa.. ruginya!!

The time now is 11.10 am. The rajin mood surrounding my atmosphere, so I study a bit for presentation tomorrow. Wish I bring PS2, i could play Final Fantasy 8 that I never finish due to the broken CD. Or maybe my PSP 2000 if my brother not gave it to some dealer for download some games and crush it!! Damn it.. Grrrr…

so what I do is typing some trash on my laptop wishing that I have internet to chat with my husband. What is he doing rite now. i wonder.. maybe he’s reading comic books. Wish I read the comics beside him. Hmmm (auuww so romantic! hikhik=p)

Oo ya.. all my friends in this center about 14 peoples , three quarter of them working for Foreign Ministry (they are diplomats) and the rest is from Higher Education. They are 2 Iraqi, 2 Egyptian, 2 Afghanis, 2 Indonesia, 1 Sudanese, 1 Somali, 1 Pakistani, 1 Palestinian, 1 Turkmenistan (he withdrew in the middle of the course) and 1 Malaysian (that’s me, and if my husband were here we have 2 Malaysian). Only 3 of us are females.

They all knew that I've married just a week before I flew to Cairo and they all feel sympathy for both of us. Their sympathies not makes me feel better!! Worsen my feeling, adalah… wuwu

What can I do.. this is my choice and this is not a very good choice. I should think further before make any crucial decision. Wish I could turn back time, but I cant, everybody knows that.

The conclusion for the story: Abang… I miss you!! Plop plop!!

This luahan perasaan was written 2 months ago...

Now the current mood is.. nak balek mesia!! waa tak sabarnya...

yip.. yip!!

ps: to naziah dearie, akak dah update blog as requested,

btw comel kan akak tengah loncat2 kat atas salji tu tengah2 malam!! hik hik=p